How do we get to that place of peace?? And by that I mean not a quiet place where we sit still and do nothing..but that deep place inside where we can hear our thoughts clearly without by one!

No other voices floating around like a Tornado, making us crazy 🙂
When we learn to listen to our inner voice, to ignite only thoughts of peace, of calm, of positivity, no matter where we are at our day..our week, what challenge we are going through at that moment.
When we listen only to the positive calm voice inside of us, and most importunely – SHARE it with those we love the most..our partners, co workers, best friends, that is when we get peace, that is when the storm calms.
This month, take time to find your peace..your own calm uninterrupted place where you can feel focused, strong, in control..with yourself and the great divine around you!
when you do, share the effects of your peace with those in your life.
Much Love and peace!
Keren Gaiser



We are all afraid of unknown crossroads in our lives.  Of moving to a new a place, starting a new job, ending a destructive relationship, pushing through yet another new project or idea while trying to be heard.

Life around us just keeps going, seasons are passing; yet many of us are still in fear of what is behind these crossroads, and how to overcome our fear of crossing them.

For me as for many of you this year is all about transformation, growth, and crossroads! Wow, many of them..

I find that the more I invest my energy into giving to others from my passion, my heart, my love to music, the less fearful I am of passing yet another scary crossroad in my life, well, I am still terrified, but it gives me the strength to face them.

Spring is upon us!! Everything around is renewing itself.Nature is not scared of opening it’s glorious heart to us yet another year!

As we don’t have control over what happens with mother nature around, and the changes she brings, we don’t have control of other people’s actions and fears, only of our own!!

We are not defined by how others are thinking of us, but by how we perceive ourselves, and share the glory of us with the world.

Happy spring and renewal to all!

Much love, Keren


My fellow readers…

My fellow readers…

Earlier this morning when I woke up, I laid in bed, looked at the amazing Oak tree outside of my bedroom window, and thought to myself: ‘How lucky I am??!??’ I still have music in my life! I still sing, I still write, I still collaborate with amazing talented people every day, who teach me something new each second, I still touch others with the love I have for music and singing.

Someone explained to me not so long ago something very important, something I knew but kinda forgot:

If you learn to love yourself, really love yourself, if you listen to the wind s of change around you, those unstoppable powers of the universe around you that guide you every second where to turn to, if you give from your heart to others without asking for something in return..than good things will come your way!! The universe will provide!

So today, and this month – the month of LOVE I choose to live with an open heart, with a loving heart, and with a compassionate heart.

Much love to all!

Keren Gaiser