With many years of experience as a singer/songwriter, composer, recording artist, and now a teacher and a mentor to aspiring clients of all ages, Keren uses her talents to touch others with her unique, power-house soaring voice, and her unstoppable energy and passion for music.

Keren has performed in the United States and abroad, and has released numerous original albums, both as a solo artist and with various bands. Keren has recorded voiceovers and commercials such as:  Microsoft, Miss U.S.A., Digital Divide, Aususa TV, and many more.

Keren’s work won honors such as the Billboard 14th world songwriting contest for her song ‘If You Just Believe’, and was mentioned in articles, interviews and magazines such as Street voice Magazine, Spin magazine, fireworks magazine, and many others.

Recent work:

  • 2011-2014 Keren was the front vocalist /vocal arranger of the 12 piece ensemble LordRifa, writing and scoring music for films.
  • LordRifa’s music won first place in March of 2014 Scary Cow film festival for the movie ‘The Florida Purse’.
  • Keren is the lead vocalist for the classical Prog band Quasar, as well as a part of the new classical piano duo called K2 with the multi talented composer pianist Kenneth Johnson.

Keren continues touching others with her amazing musical abilities, performances, recordings and collaborations with some amazing talents around the Bay Area and beyond, as well as through her vocal studios — ‘Keren Studios’, teaching, mentoring and aspiring young artists and vocalists around the Bay Area with her unique vocal techniques, approach and passion, helping build and shape a next generation of strong confident artists.

You can visit Keren’s other projects here: K2 Duo and Quasar Band.