We are all afraid of unknown crossroads in our lives.  Of moving to a new a place, starting a new job, ending a destructive relationship, pushing through yet another new project or idea while trying to be heard.

Life around us just keeps going, seasons are passing; yet many of us are still in fear of what is behind these crossroads, and how to overcome our fear of crossing them.

For me as for many of you this year is all about transformation, growth, and crossroads! Wow, many of them..

I find that the more I invest my energy into giving to others from my passion, my heart, my love to music, the less fearful I am of passing yet another scary crossroad in my life, well, I am still terrified, but it gives me the strength to face them.

Spring is upon us!! Everything around is renewing itself.Nature is not scared of opening it’s glorious heart to us yet another year!

As we don’t have control over what happens with mother nature around, and the changes she brings, we don’t have control of other people’s actions and fears, only of our own!!

We are not defined by how others are thinking of us, but by how we perceive ourselves, and share the glory of us with the world.

Happy spring and renewal to all!

Much love, Keren

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