My fellow readers…

Earlier this morning when I woke up, I laid in bed, looked at the amazing Oak tree outside of my bedroom window, and thought to myself: ‘How lucky I am??!??’ I still have music in my life! I still sing, I still write, I still collaborate with amazing talented people every day, who teach me something new each second, I still touch others with the love I have for music and singing.

Someone explained to me not so long ago something very important, something I knew but kinda forgot:

If you learn to love yourself, really love yourself, if you listen to the wind s of change around you, those unstoppable powers of the universe around you that guide you every second where to turn to, if you give from your heart to others without asking for something in return..than good things will come your way!! The universe will provide!

So today, and this month – the month of LOVE I choose to live with an open heart, with a loving heart, and with a compassionate heart.

Much love to all!

Keren Gaiser

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